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Pretty PAID & Petty is a full service lifestyle brand.  Each word in our name has special meaning to our CEO and founder Rayna McClinton.   

You’re pretty not only because of your physical appearance but because you treat people well, you travel and create memorable experiences for yourself and others for years to come. Essentially, you live a “Pretty” life. 

 You’re able create these opportunities for yourself because of your independence and your determination to make a living for yourself without any handouts, you’re “PAID”.

And you’re CONFIDENT enough to joke around when the time presents itself. Think about it, if you weren’t confident with your joke, could you even realistically be “Petty”? Petty is trending and it is 100% ok to show your funny personality when the time allots. 

Our long term goal is to motivate and encourage others to take the leap of faith & create their own lane, do something dope! In the near future it is our promise to create a platform for other up and coming entrepreneurs to promote their business, discuss their journey and inspire others at the same damn time.

Essentially, together with you we hope to create a community of Pretty, PAID and Petty individuals with whom we can grow, laugh and prosper.

- Love Pretty PAID & Petty

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